Staying Awake in Night Class…

As fun and exciting as classes are, sometimes you may choose to take a night class from 6:30-9:20 pm and if you are a morning person like me, you may be a bit drowsy by this time at night! I personally do enjoy taking night classes because it means you only have the class once a week and allows for more time to work on the materials outside of class. On the other hand, sometimes it is hard after a long day to go and be bright eyed and bushy tailed for night class and that is why I have had to come up with these ideas for staying awake in night class.

1. This is sort of obvious, especially for college students, but getting a little coffee is not a bad idea! I do not drink coffee in the mornings of “Night Class Nights” because I want to save it for night class! Remember that drinking too much coffee can be unhealthy. Drinking a bottle of water can also keep you refreshed and energetic, if you are not a big coffee drinker, or just want to be healthier.

2. Write your notes! Many professors put their notes in Powerpoint and allow students to print the notes before class so they can just take little notes on the side. I believe it is very beneficial to go to class without the printed notes, take the notes and then print out the Powerpoint slides to make sure I get all of the information. This will help you retain the information better and stay focussed how to stay awake in class. Professor Pack tells his students all the time to write out notes instead of printing them out because it leaves a lasting imprint on memory (when I learn more about it in Neuro I will be sure to share the information with you!) I know this is a big study aid for me, while helping me stay awake!

Take a Look at MeUndies

Like most folks, I wear my underwear more than any other clothing, and, since it’s the closest to my most sensitive skin, making sure they are comfortable is critical. MeUndies promises to be the “world’s most comfortable undies,” so I had to give them a try.

MeUndies sent me their starter box (which no longer seems to be available) to meundies review which includes three pairs of boxer briefs, three pairs of their footie socks, two crew shirts, and a baseball cap.

MeUndies underwear are made from a blend of MicroModal and Elasthane which is extruded from Austrian Beechwood tree fiber. This makes them naturally odor resistant, extremely soft, and a little stretchy to hug your body and move with you. Basically, they are very soft and very comfortable–and yes, more so than any other underwear I’ve ever tried. I have a little over a week’s supply of underwear so I never run out before the weekly laundry is done. However, since receiving my MeUndies, I’ve been doing laundry more frequently just to get these back in to my rotation sooner. I even put them to the true geek test–I wore them to a convention. They passed the test with flying colors–I was comfy all day long despite tons of walking and sitting.

11 of the Best Places to Study Abroad in Latin America

There’s nothing better than furthering your education abroad, learning about a new culture while navigating a new higher learning institution at the same time – but where are the best places to study abroad? Whether you want to experience life in a cosmopolitan city or a seaside town, these are the top places to study abroad in Latin America.

Ciudad de México, Mexico

Easily the top place to study abroad if you’re looking for academic prowess, a fast pace of life and vibrant culture, Mexico City is home to Latin America’s third best university – the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, or UNAM for short. As well as being an excellent choice for studying abroad, it’s also one of the most visited destinations in Latin America, offering some of the best street food in the country and a mixture of Spanish and English-language taught classes.

São Paulo, Brazil

The Universidade de São Paulo is Latin America’s second highest-ranking university, which makes the city an excellent option for studying abroad in Brazil. Sure, the more commonly studied Spanish won’t serve you much in Portuguese speaking São Paulo, but you can learn a new language along the way, as well as benefit from the far more affordable prices, when compared to the eye-wateringly expensive Rio de Janeiro.