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Reading Comprehension Still Substandard in America

In the modern day and age, reading has become one of the most important communication skills one can possess. However, the numbers tell a different story altogether. Back in 2016, there was a report published 2 years ago that kids are not good with comprehension skills, and the reason was not the teachers, but because the kids did not have a good base of knowledge to begin with. It has been more than 2 years, and after an assessment done, it seems like that the issue still persists, and kids are still struggling with comprehensions skills.

If you agree with the numbers and tests, it is safe to say that the kids, especially in the US have always lagged behind their reading skills. But the question arises about how the county is recording the reading skills of children. According to National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), the records are checked every now and then to see how students fairing. They have created criteria based on the skills of the children.

However, the performance has been lower throughout the 2016, and there has not been much improvement, to show a sliver of light. One can only ask where this struggle is rising from, and if the research published in 2016 is still relevant in the modern day and age, it is simple a simple question that asks whether the kids these days are going through a struggle of understanding what they are reading, simply because they don’t have knowledge about all the courses, or subjects.

Lisa Hansel and Robert Pondiscio say that the problem is the fact that there is a lack of ideas, as well as the curriculum that is being followed in the schools. They state that when schools decide to spend more time on a reading class than other classes like social studies, science, and even arts – kids start to do worse in the reading tests.

They also argue that just because a child is spending his or her entire day in a reading class does not mean that he will become better or effective at it. As a matter of fact, until or unless he reads about all the subjects, and gains equal insight from all of them, there is not much to look at in the situation.

According to them, knowledge, along with vocabulary, as well as reading comprehension are things that are linked together with an intimate bond. This means that the schools, as well as the teachers need to make sure that the students are properly well aware of everything that they are learning in schools and colleges.

With that said, the only possible solution to this debacle is that schools, as well as colleges need to start focusing on things that are more important for the students, and while many might consider that reading is not something as important, it certainly is, and it would be better if people start paying close attention to that factor as well.