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Outrage Sparked By a History Textbook That Talked About Positive Aspect of Slavery

For the longest time in the history, slavery is something that is being seen as the bane of the society, and there absolutely no way to deny that either. While the topic of slavery is only talked about when it gains enough traction, something recently happened last month that managed to spark an outrage. 8th graders from Great Hearts Monte Vista North school were given an assignment that talked about “The Life of Slaves: A Balanced View”, as the name would suggest, the assignment basically asked the students to talk about the positive, as well as the negative facets of slavery.

The photo managed to reach Facebook, and gained a lot of attention to a point that the US House representative tweeted in disbelief and even stated that the assignment is something that cannot be accepted. This managed to upset the parents too, who ended up reaching out to the school; the school then suspended the teacher who assigned this homework and in addition to that, an audit was also started on the textbook that contained this lesson. According to the school officials, the assignment was immoral, as well as a crime committed against humanity.

Sure, this homework can be called an isolated event, but let’s not forget the fact that the school is using a history textbook that goes to the extent of stating that people who were in slavery were not always unhappy either. The book we are talking about was published by the Pearson.

According to the officials from the Pearson, the textbook, as well as the assignment is not associated with the company, however, the worksheet has been a part of the school’s curriculum for nearly 8 years; the time this book has been taught at the Great Hearts.

The silver lining here is that the Pearson was quick to take notice as they have ceased the sale of the book as well. As per their records, the book did not see any promotion since 2014, and the same goes for selling the copies for the books. However, the surprising part is that the publishers do not have any regard of the book being used by the Great Hearts.

Two weeks after the incident happened, Great Hearts finally issued a verdict by finishing their investigation, and sent a letter to parents as well. As per the letter, the assignment that was given does not fall in line with the principles of the school’s own philosophy.  However, the letter states that the school will not be taking any action against the teacher. The letter also does not state any motivation that the teacher may have had before giving the assignment.

According to the Vice President of the school, the book was only use on occasions, however, they have now removed the book from the schools, and opted for sources such as the US Constitution. The book will be replace in the coming year as well.